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Laying the Foundation

Before our company’s founder, Allan Bartelt started building homes, he worked in various trades in the construction industry. These jobs supplied him with invaluable experience when it came to understanding the intricacies of new home building. Allan was quickly able to hone his skills enough to construct homes on his own. His mechanical ability, along with sheer ambition, paved the way for him to become a custom home builder in Southeastern Wisconsin.

In 1982, Allan Builders began building homes in the model home market, and with Allan’s ambition, quickly started to fill the niche of designing homes to a customer’s exact preferences.

Over the years, Allan Builders developed a solid reputation for custom and semi-custom home building. Although Allan Bartelt is no longer involved in the company, his ideals and desire to create homes as unique as their owners, is still a mission. The current Allan Builders, LLC was formed in 2006 to build on that very foundation, which is why Allan Builders continues to be a preferred builder in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Building Relationships Builds Better Homes

At Allan Builders, LLC, we believe that building a new home is just as much about building a relationship as it is about the physical construction of the home. When the current owners acquired Allan Builders’ assets in 2007, they set out to change the way people think about building. Having worked alongside the company’s original owner, Allan Bartelt, they made changes to restore the ideals that he founded the company on. Today they proudly continue the original ‘Allan Builders’ Philosophy’ of designing the right home for every buyer.

You might find yourself asking the question, “How do they know what the right home is?” The answer is easy. It starts with getting to know our customers. We take a personal approach with every new home. We sit down and ask questions about our clients’ families and find out how they want to live. We nail down the “must-have’s” and rule out the “that’s-not-really-us” options before we ever pull out any paperwork. We go through our standard plans and talk about the layouts and amenities that appeal to them. Once we have a good understanding of their dream home, we’ll assign a team of specialists who will work with the family to customize the plan they choose and select amenities and finishes that reflect their style and fit their budget. They have trusted team members they can count on all the way through the building process—even when they decide to make a last minute design change during construction.

We’ve built hundreds of homes for families throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, and we’re happy to say that, in the end, most of these families have become our personal friends. Many Allan homeowners have sent us referrals, and several have enjoyed the process so much that they’ve become Allan Sales Professionals. You’ll find these people spending their weekends inside our model homes, helping new homeowners to fulfill their own dreams. We even have a few buyers who have built multiple Allan homes. It’s scenarios like these that help us to realize that we’re doing it right.


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